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Chris Coulson Profile PhotoI am a consultant specializing in SQL Server, .NET and Sharepoint development. I have been designing and developing solutions on the Microsoft stack for the last 12 years. Please contact me at Visigo Software Consulting if you would like to engage my services.

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  1. Husam Burahn says:

    I would thank you for valuable information you provide on your blog.

  2. Diana Gaspar says:

    It’s Diana from Twitter re codeatc. I’d love to chat more about the possibility of teaming up. My background is analyst, business and marketing and I was looking to partner with developers and people who know how to code.

  3. Jahangir says:

    I want to use SharePoint 2013 FBA Pack, but I want to know is it free for production use ? Can I use it for my client ?

  4. Declan says:

    Hi Chris, I’m using your FBA 2013 pack and looking to see where you determine if the email is already in use when creating a new user. Would you point me in the right direction?

    BTW thanks for all your hard work on the pack much appreciated.


    • Hi Declan,

      The logic for the email already in use is actually a part of Microsoft’s sqlmembershipprovider. You can configure it using the ‘requiresUniqueEmail’ setting of the membership provider in the config file.

      As for actually displaying the message – the FBA Pack is really just turning Microsoft’s membership controls into SharePoint web parts – so the logic for displaying the message is actually in Microsoft’s control:

      There is a property on the web part that will let you configure what message is actually displayed: InvalidEmailErrorMessage.

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