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I am a consultant specializing in SQL Server, .NET and Sharepoint development. I have been designing and developing solutions on the Microsoft stack for the last 12 years. Please contact me at Visigo Software Consulting if you would like to engage my services.


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  1. Husam Burahn Avatar
    Husam Burahn

    I would thank you for valuable information you provide on your blog.

  2. Diana Gaspar Avatar
    Diana Gaspar

    It’s Diana from Twitter re codeatc. I’d love to chat more about the possibility of teaming up. My background is analyst, business and marketing and I was looking to partner with developers and people who know how to code.

  3. Jahangir Avatar

    I want to use SharePoint 2013 FBA Pack, but I want to know is it free for production use ? Can I use it for my client ?

    1. Chris Coulson Avatar

      Yes, the open source version of the SharePoint 2013 FBA Pack on Codeplex can be used free for production use.

  4. Declan Avatar

    Hi Chris, I’m using your FBA 2013 pack and looking to see where you determine if the email is already in use when creating a new user. Would you point me in the right direction?

    BTW thanks for all your hard work on the pack much appreciated.


    1. Chris Coulson Avatar

      Hi Declan,

      The logic for the email already in use is actually a part of Microsoft’s sqlmembershipprovider. You can configure it using the ‘requiresUniqueEmail’ setting of the membership provider in the config file.

      As for actually displaying the message – the FBA Pack is really just turning Microsoft’s membership controls into SharePoint web parts – so the logic for displaying the message is actually in Microsoft’s control:

      There is a property on the web part that will let you configure what message is actually displayed: InvalidEmailErrorMessage.

  5. Fernando Vargas Avatar
    Fernando Vargas

    Hello Chris,
    Thanks for your work on the FBA Pack.

    I am trying to understand why the registration webpart asks for First Name and Last Name but those fields are not in the FBA User Management page nor in the Edit form. These fields are also not populating the SP user profile (user information list).

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Chris Coulson Avatar

      Hi Fernando,

      The first name and last name are not saved separately, but are concatenated together and saved to the SharePoint user profile. They should be populating the user information list. What about when you use the FBA User Management page to edit the user’s name?

  6. ermiyas belay Avatar
    ermiyas belay

    Hi Chris, is FBA supported in SharePoint 2022?

    1. Chris Coulson Avatar

      It is – the instructions for SharePoint 2016/2019 and the FBA Pack for 2016/2019 still work for the latest version of SharePoint (SharePoint Subscription Edition).

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