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Now Hosting Inline Styler for Emails

We’ve been using this great inline styler for email’s created by @davecranwell (originally hosted at http://inlinestyler.torchbox.com).  Unfortunately it’s been offline for about a month, so today I setup hosting for it.  It can now be found at: https://inlinestyler.visigo.com/. What it does is take HTML + CSS and moves the css styles inline in the html.  This […]

Mixing it up w/ Mixed SSL & SP 2010

The following is a post written by Tim Nugiel with instructions for creating a custom cookie handler for mixed mode authentication.  I reference it in my blog post Mixed Http and Https Content with SharePoint 2010. The original article was posted at: http://www.msngn.com/blog/lists/posts/post.aspx?id=5. I’ve reposted it here, as the original article appears to have gone offline.   […]