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Removing Null Characters (0x00) From Values in SQL Server

I recently came across a problem while crawling a BCS data source in SharePoint 2010. Most of the 130,000 records were getting indexed, but I was getting an error on 25 records: Error while crawling LOB contents. ( ‘.’, hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 25, position 10. ) When I first took […]

Bulk Delete ASP.NET Membership Users

Below is a SQL script that can be used to delete a list of users from an ASP.NET membership database.  It retrieves a list of users into a temporary table and then deletes the users from all the relevant tables in the database.

Use JPEG’s in Reporting Services if exporting to PDF

I recently made the mistake of using PNG’s for high-resolution background images in SQL Server Reporting Services (2008 R2). I wanted to use PNG’s as they were lossless, supported alpha transparency and actually generated smaller files than JPEG for the images I was using.  Unfortunately I ran into these problems when exporting to PDF: SLOW […]