Bulk Delete ASP.NET Membership Users

Below is a SQL script that can be used to delete a list of users from an ASP.NET membership database.  It retrieves a list of users into a temporary table and then deletes the users from all the relevant tables in the database.

SELECT UserID, UserName
into #temp
FROM aspnet_Users
WHERE UserName in ('MEMBER10001','MEMBER10002','MEMBER10003','MEMBER10004','MEMBER10005')

-- Adjust the WHERE Clause to filter the users
-- for example WHERE UserName LIKE 'MEMBER%'
-- would delete all users whose username started with 'MEMBER'

DELETE FROM dbo.aspnet_Membership WHERE UserId IN (Select UserId from #temp)

DELETE FROM dbo.aspnet_UsersInRoles WHERE UserId IN (Select UserId from #temp)

DELETE FROM dbo.aspnet_Profile WHERE UserId IN (Select UserId from #temp)

DELETE FROM dbo.aspnet_PersonalizationPerUser WHERE UserId IN (Select UserId from #temp)

DELETE FROM dbo.aspnet_Users WHERE UserId IN (Select UserId from #temp)


2 responses to “Bulk Delete ASP.NET Membership Users”

  1. Baskar Avatar

    This is very helpful script. I cleaned up all old users from my FBA db using this script.

    Thanks for Chris Coulson…

  2. Peter Avatar

    worked fine after changing some tablenames (had other Asp.Net Authentication tablenames).
    A clean solution i will use in the future for other uses too

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