Tag: SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack

  • InfoQ FBA Pack Interview

    I was recently interviewed about the FBA Pack by Jonathan Allen of InfoQ.  The interview is here: http://www.infoq.com/news/2014/05/SharePoint-FBA

  • SharePoint 2013 FBA Pack Released

    The SharePoint 2013 FBA Pack has been released. It was ported from the SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack (which was originally ported from the SharePoint 2007 CKS Forms Based Authentication Solution), and includes all of the features from the SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack: User Management Role Management Membership Request Web Part Password Recovery Web Part Change Password…

  • SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack Hits #3 in Popular Releases on CodePlex

    I was pleased to discover today that the SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack is in the 3rd spot for popular releases for the week on the CodePlex home page.  It’s nice to see that the SharePoint community is making use of it. http://sharepoint2010fba.codeplex.com/