Category: .Net

  • Demonstrating Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel

    In this video I describe what’s Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel is all about, how it works and I show a demonstration of the semantic kernel in action, using a planner and a math plugin.

  • Easy Handling of Http Range Requests in ASP.NET

    I was recently working on adding video playing capabilities to a client’s existing ASP.NET application. They had video files that had been uploaded by users, and they wanted to allow the users to be able to preview the files on the web. I found MediaElement.js to be a excellent solution for this: As long as…

  • Bulk Delete ASP.NET Membership Users

    Below is a SQL script that can be used to delete a list of users from an ASP.NET membership database.  It retrieves a list of users into a temporary table and then deletes the users from all the relevant tables in the database.

  • Simplify Your Caching By Using a Generic Method

    I needed to add caching to my data access routines to improve the performance of commonly accessed data.  This is pretty straightforward: Check to see if the cache entry already exists If the cache entry does exist, return the cached value If the cached entry doesn’t exist, fetch the data and add it to the…