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Encode h.264 and WebM videos for MediaElement.js using FFmpeg

I recently added a video player to a client’s site. I found John Dyer’s MediaElement.js to be an excellent solution for doing this. As long as you provide both an h.264 and WebM encoded version of the video, it will play natively on almost all browsers. For unsupported browsers it will fall back to Flash. […]

Improving the MediaElement.js Loading Animation

I’ve been using MediaElement.js recently, to display videos on a client’s site. One thing that bothered me was the loading animation that played. It looked unfinished – showing up in a small dark square – almost like it was supposed to be completely transparent, but wasn’t.  Here’s an image of how it is in the […]

Easy Handling of Http Range Requests in ASP.NET

I was recently working on adding video playing capabilities to a client’s existing ASP.NET application. They had video files that had been uploaded by users, and they wanted to allow the users to be able to preview the files on the web. I found MediaElement.js to be a excellent solution for this: As long as […]